Advantages of Company Formation in China and Hong Kong


As a worldwide metropolis with abundant information, starting a company in Hong Kong gives a lot of access to a customer market of millions of people in southern China alone. With sound infrastructure and total legal system of its own, it creates an advantaged economic environment for many entrepreneurs and traders. Thus, Hong Kong is popular with international entrepreneurs looking to enter the markets in China, and also many people set up their businesses here for different goals, which enhance not just the business image only, but also the capability to compete globally. The following Asia Explorer information can allow you to decide whether forming a company in Hong Kong is the ideal strategy whereby to achieve this.

We know there are many factors that can contribute to the success of a company. Hong Kong is thought to be one of the greatest cities to set up and run a firm since it scores on factors that matter to businesses. Below are some of the crucial benefits of setting up a business in this city.

It is a global center of data exchange and transportation hub. A focus of marine activities in southern China and is among the vital ports of the world concerning tonnage of shipping with its facilities, freight handled and the number of passengers carried.

It has a dynamic economy of free markets, free trade and free business available to all. It has no limitation on inward, and outward investment, no foreign exchange curbs and no foreign ownership constraints. It is advantageously situated near China. Air, rail, road, and sea links are efficient and modern and offer unrivaled access to China’s booming southern states for several foreign entrepreneurs. The tax rate is low and there is tax exempt for income never incurred in there.

With great infrastructure and stable political climate, most firms opt to establish operations in Hong Kong since it is stable with governance that supports business. See this:

Enjoy the advantage of a global banking system. Many banks from of 32 foreign countries are there. The Hong Kong banking and financial services is governed by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA). The characteristics and benefits of utilizing Hong Kong for personal banks, bank account, businesses and foreign asset assurance are all thorough.

The procedure for forming a company in Hong Kong with the help of Asia Explorer is relatively straightforward. You require a minimum of one firm director along with a resident business secretary. You will then verify the business name and company structure. You will need a minimum issued capital demand for HKD 10,000, and the paid-up funding requirement is just a dollar. There’s almost no limitation in the specialty of business scope once you establish a Hong Kong business. There are operational requirements such as opening up a Hong Kong corporate bank accounts and establishing an office. A virtual office is also a choice.


The Great Business Hub of Hong Kong


In terms of development China is among the first in the word. The economy of the Peoples Republic Of China is one of the Biggest in the world as of today. The ease of doing business is one of the ways the Chinese people have turned to be so great. This has made many foreigners find they way into China and set up shop in this country. Among the cities that have really brought about this growth is Hong Kong which one of the biggest cities in the world in terms of population.

 When starting up a business starting up a company becomes very easy. One of which is very useful in business, labor. China offers a good hub for cheap and manageable labor which is one of the main requirements for good business. In Hong Kong, the official language is English and Chinese, and English is spoken more nowadays. China is known for its good ethics in doing business, and this makes the workforce more productive. The region has a reliable pool of qualified personnel for almost all kinds of jobs. Starting a business is without any hustle of employment. You can apply through

Setting up a business in Hong Kong is very easy. In recent years Hong Kong has turned out to be one of the best places to start up a business in the world. It has free market and trade policies that make incorporating offshore companies very easy as it has a free business environment. The investor-friendly environment that has been created by the policies that have been put are the best in the region. In the recent past Hong Kong has become a place where almost all the investors are turning to as it is the best to invest in. The low amounts of cash that you use to initiate a business make this city one of the top if not the best. Unlike other cities in China the Hong Kong dollars is fully convertible and not link to the Chinese currency the Yuan. With the city enjoying zero corruption rate and a very low-risk business in business the cost to start and run a business becomes very affordable. Get some facts, go to

Hong Kong is known to have the third lowest tax burden in the world with many taxes that are charged elsewhere being exempted. The government charges zero taxes on taxes like a capital gain, sales tax and dividend taxes. It has a maximum income tax of 15% and a maximum cooperate tax of 16.5%. The infrastructure that is in the city is the best. The banking sector in this place is also quite favorable. For company formation, visit

Tips for Starting Up a Company


Companies are business organization that are formed for the purpose of trade that makes people to have the best services that they need that are effective.  Getting the best company will make you have the best way that you operate in the market.  There are strategies that you will use that will make you have the best way that you will start up a company that you will use.  Below are the tips that you will follow when you need to establish a new company that will make you have the services that you need in the market.

The initial capital that you will have will matter a lot when you need to have the best company that you will establish.  When you have enough capital that you will use to start the company then you will have the services that you need to have in the market.  Inadequate funds will not allow you get the services that you need to have in company that will promote the operation that you have in the market.  The measure will make you have the best way that you will make the company to be in that is of an advantage. Learn more here:

Take measure on the site that you will make on the company that will get you the services that you need to have.  Choosing the best location of your company with the help of that will make it to be easily accessed will make you have the services that you need that are effective.  The services that you need to have in the company will be hindered when you have not made the right choice of the place that you establish them. Consider the making the company close to the market that you have that will make you have the services that you need to have.

Take note of the gap that is in the market that you will serve that will allow you get the services that you need.  Producing the products that are in the market gap will create the best operation that is in the market you are servicing. Having the consideration will get the company to evade the competition that is in the market that you are serving.

Take measures on the personnel that you will have in the company that will make you have the best services that you need to have that are beneficial to the company.  Having the best experienced will favor the activities that you will have in the market that are effective to the way that your company will be performing in the market. Get help from .

Simple Ways of Registering a Company in Hong Kong

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Starting up a new company can be strenuous and challenging but it has its financial rewards in the future.  Among the challenges of starting a new company is the registration process that requires a lot of documents some of which you may not understand their benefit.  You can use a lot of time and resources when starting up a new business especially when you are opening the business in a foreign country.  Company opening agencies who do all the registration paperwork for the client at a fee have made the registration process very easy.

Hong Kong is one of the most preferred business destination in the world.  Many people prefer opening businesses in Hong Kong because opening a limited company there is simple, fast and cheap.  The taxation system in Hong Kong is also very simple and cheap for all types of businesses.  It is not necessary to live in Hong Kong for you to open and run a business there no matter where you come from.  Asia Explorer Consultancy company is one of the trusted company registration agencies that can help you register and manage a business in Hong Kong.

You can also get virtual offices in Hong Kong through the help of hk company formation agencies.  This is because it is a government requirement for limited companies owners to have an office and a secretary in Hong Kong.  With the help of virtual offices, you don’t have to rent an office or hire a secretary.  All you have to do is consult an agency like Asia Explore who can give you a virtual office with a registered address.  The fact that the secretary and the office in virtual offices can be used by different companies enable their cost to be cheaper compared to renting an office.

You don’t have to go to Hong Kong to open the company. You don’t have to be physically present to open a company in Hong Kong.  You can explain all you want about your company by email or phone to the company formation agencies in Hong Kong at this site and send them the registration fee money via PayPal or bank transfer.  The agencies will start the registration process and they can send the document to your home for signing through carrier services which you send back to them after signing.

The only part that can require your presence in Hong Kong is opening a multi-currencies business bank account.  You can get an added advantage of having a business proposal that is a requirement during the bank registration process done for you by the Asia Explorer Consultancy Agency.  The company formation agents can do the bank account application for you before you come to Hong Kong for the actual account opening.  You can also enjoy additional services such as accounting and auditing services from some of the agencies. To learn more, visit

Advantages of Forming a Company


Company formation is the method of incorporating a business. It is good to note that a company is considered as a separate entity from its proprietors and those who operate the day to day business operations. When a business owner want to convert the business into a company, there are essential documents that are required by the board that regulates company operation. Other than the necessary documents that one need to submit to the registrar of companies, one also need to pay for the registration fee. The registrar of companies requires those who want to register their companies to have an article of association document that highlight the rules that govern the operations of the company.

Besides, the articles of association document must be signed by all partners of the business in the presence of a witness. Other than the articles of association documents, the other vital document in the formation of a company is the memorandum of association which contains the names and signatures of those who want to form the company. The document also lays out the objectives of the company and its relation with other business partners, hence considered the charter of the company. The company registration process can be done virtually on online platforms or by visiting the company registrar offices to submit the documents.

The registrar of companies permit the formation of the following types of com[anise including public limited companies, unlimited companies, private limited company, limited liability partnership,  limited partnership, community interest company, among others.

Asia Explorer company formation has numerous benefits, some of which include the following. First and foremost companies offer limited liability protection to their owners. In addition, since the company is taken as a separate entity from its owners, any debts and liabilities of the company are treated separate hence are not the responsibility of the owners. Creditors cannot use the company owners” personal property in paying for the debts since the proprietor’s properties legally considered to be different from the business assets.

In addition, hong kong virtual office formation assist a new business in creating credibility with potential customers, employees, vendors and partners. Other than creating credibility with the customers and employees, ownership of a company can be transferred easily.  Besides, it is easier for a corporation to raise capital since they have easier access to capital sources. Corporations have more sources of capital which can finance their debts, for this reason, banks and other financial institutions are more than willing to provide them with loans.

A corporation has unlimited life since its existence does not depend upon its owners. Besides, corporation do enjoy numerous tax benefits including deductible health insurance premiums, savings on self-employment taxes. Get some related ideas, visit